We will create a video for you that will attract your dream customers and motivate them to get in touch with you! During the Strategy Session, we will already begin developing an initial concept for a script and explain our method to you!

Stop. Before we move forward, there’s something you should know:

Due to the many requests we receive each day, unfortunately we can’t create a Loft Film for everybody. This means we have to pick and choose who we work with, which also means we have to decide on a daily basis who not to work with. Every day, we intentionally draw hundreds of people to this exact form using paid ads. Nevertheless, only a small number of applicants get through our selection process.

We select only the most promising companies with the highest potential for success, where we are 100% sure that a Loft Film will achieve the desired results.

Our years of experience and use of key indicators allow us to estimate very precisely whether or not our method will work and what results can be expected.

Since you landed on this page, you already understand that we can help you attract more customers. However, we ask you to be fair to the other applicants and only fill out the application if you are truly ready to get started soon.

As you can see, we’re laying all our cards on the table and ask that you afford us the same courtesy, by answering all questions honestly and with careful consideration. It is the only way we can help you! If you are ready to get to work, simply invest two minutes of your time and fill out the form below!

Good luck! We look forward to your application!

– Your Loft Film crew