One explainer video away from more clients

Make your offer crystal clear with Loft Film. We create your explainer video and show you how to use it.

Most potential clients are excited about your offer — once they understand it, right?

We help you to explain your offer clearly in just 90 seconds!

“Getting more customers through the video.”

“The ads immediately started showing return on investment.”

“More than 400,000 € of revenue by using the Loft Film.”

More than 2000 happy clients

Why do so many of your prospects never become paying clients?

You know why your clients choose you. But you have no idea why many prospective clients choose NOT to buy from you.


Your prospects will only buy your product once they understand it


A prospect who is not familiar with your business will not invest a lot of time in understanding your offer


Written text is a great method for conveying a complex offer, but it’s not a fast one


Interested parties will only look at your offer for a few seconds; 8 seconds, in fact, according to statistics. If the benefits of your offer to them isn’t clear right from the start, they will lose interest immediately and will become a lost client, even if your offer was the perfect solution for them.

Explainer videos turn prospects into clients, if… (and only if…)

“...your product or service delivers real benefits...”

“...the correct script-writing method is used…”

"...​the video is implemented in just the right place...”

How do we get our clients such great results?

Easy: we don’t just churn out ready-made, run-of-the-mill explainer videos — we create true Loft Films. This means:


Explainer video
Standard storyline such as: “This is Tom. Tom has a problem…”

Loft Film
One of the best explainer video directors in the industry will explain your business proposal, better than you ever could.


Explainer video
Cheesy comics alienating your clients.

Loft Film
Regardless of whether it’s friendly, professional or extraordinary, our designers ensure that our explainer videos fully reflect your style and brand.


Explainer video
You upload your video to your website, but to your surprise there is no influx of new customers.

Loft Film
Each year, our videos are viewed by millions of people. We know exactly what works, and with our help your video will reach the right audience as well.

Explained in minutes, understood in a heartbeat: this is what a Loft Film looks like

Customized explainer videos for your brand

How you can work with us

Due to the high number of requests for a Loft Film we are forced to select who (not) to work with. This is why we only select the companies with the highest potential for success..
How it works:


Complete the questionnaire – Provide us with some details about your company.


Potential Analysis - If your application is promising, one of our team members will conduct a potential analysis with you.


Strategy - During your personal Strategy Session, one of our experts will develop the concept for your Loft Film with you.

What happens in the Strategy Session?

Good preparation is half the battle. In our free Strategy Session, one of our professionals will work out your strategy with you. We will even create a first draft for your explainer video and draw up a plan for how the video can be used to achieve the best possible results.

Next steps in the Production Process:

Your time investment: only 2 hours!


The Kick-Off is where we get to know you. Tell our experts about your target audience, your USPs, and your goals.

Your time investment: 60 mins


Afterwards a professional screenwriter will draft the screenplay for your film. All we need from you is feedback!

Your time investment:approx. 20 min.


Once you are 100% happy with the screenplay, our designers will sketch a preview of every scene.

Your time investment: approx. 20 min.


This is where we bring the pictures to life. Animation, speaker, sound design, and music. Your Loft Film is ready!

Your time investment: 20 min.

Because we simply love explaining!

Here you can find the answers to the most frequently asked questions

Who are we?

Starting out as a small Munich-based startup, we quickly grew into one of the most successful production houses for explainer videos worldwide. Our secret: we don’t create the videos our clients want; we create the videos they NEED.

Let’s be honest: no one actually WANTS an explainer video. What you really want is MORE CLIENTS.

Not only did we win over some of the leading companies in the German-speaking market with this philosophy, but we have also grown to become the best-known explainer video agency in the world.

The Loft Film Team

Jonas Eisert

Founder & CEO

In his career as a movie director and producer, Jonas Eisert has worked with many renowned customers such as Deutsche Bahn, Allianz, and BMW.

The result: more than 1,000 videos, totalling more than 10 million views. At Loft Film, Jonas tends to our premium clients and advises CEOs and marketing managers on their video campaigns.

Felix Werner

Head of Production

Adidas, Siemens, Uber — this is just a selection of clients Felix Werner created videos for before joining Loft Film. Now at Loft Film, he is not only responsible for ensuring that every production runs smoothly, but above all for guaranteeing that all our films live up to the highest standards, visually and in terms of content.

Felix supervises our team of professional screenwriters and designers. He always has a sympathetic ear for our customers and lends them his support with his brilliant ideas.

Mathieu Gendre

Strategy Team Leader

A great explainer video should be visually appealing, no question! But first and foremost, it should deliver results! But how can this be achieved? Mathieu Gendre can give you the answer to this and any other video marketing-related question.

Mathieu and his team will make sure your video is seen and that your prospects become paying customers.

Where is the LOFT FILM team based?

We’re headquartered right in the heart of Munich, Germany. Our processes are fully digitized, which means the communication with you can take place entirely via phone and video. Should you wish to meet us in person, of course this is possible, but by no means required. This remote work method, which we implemented from the very start and long before the current social distancing requirements, enables us to create Loft Films to companies across Europe and the globe!